Online Butchers TexasLooking for online butchers in Texas, look no further. We supply grass fed beef to grocers, restaurants and consumers.

Our passion to raise beef cattle began with my Pawpaw and Granddaddy. They were cattle ranchers all of their lives in Grimes County. I grew up thinking that it was only natural to eat beef ‘ALL THE TIME’ and that your parents talking about splitting a calf with their brother or sister’s family was just normal. Even as I grew up and left home to go to college, my sweet grandparents would sign over a calf check from ‘Cow Talk – Navasota Livestock’, separated from their sale on Saturday and come to give it to a poor college student!

Beef has always been a part of my life just as Grimes County has been our family’s heritage for seven generations.

We are proud Texas cattle farmers and are pleased to be able to provide you with natural grass fed beef. We are your online butchers in Texas.