About Bountiful Harvest Farms

wholesale meats, meat wholesalersGrass fed beef has been a lifelong endeavor.  Our families have been raising beef since being granted land by the King of Spain in 1869 in Grimes County, Texas. We are proud suppliers of wholesale beef, especially grass fed beef. Bountiful Harvest Farms raises beef for a wide spectrum of health benefits, a truly healthy beef raised sustainably on the ranch from birth to market.

We are 7th generation Texans, farming and ranching throughout the years. Our families were ingrained in the way of life that made up family farms and took pride in the products raised by hard work and a true desire to produce a clean and premium beef at a fair market price.

The land has always spoken to me, it is the place I feel joy, peace and a sense of worth and even accomplishment. It is this finite property that God has entrusted to me as a temporary caretaker, to do the best I can while it is in my care.

It is my dream and passion that my children will one day become a part of this ranching endeavor as it quickly builds character, responsibility and respect. I hope that they will continue to grow clean, healthy beef for your families and ours!

Bountiful Harvest Farms provide quality Houston Beef, Texas beef cattle, Texas grass fed beef and wholesale organic beef. If you want to buy wholesale beef, we can supply you with different types of grass fed beef, beef grass, wholesale fed cattle.

Bountiful Harvest Farms are serving Bedias Texas, Houston Texas, Austin Texas and all cities in the United States.

To order, please visit our Wholesale Beef Order Page.

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