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A full, half, or quarter sized calf with specific options in regard to cuts and butcher deliveries.

Calf Size *

Round Steak Thickness

Round Steak Tenderize

Sirloin Steak Thickness

Do you prefer T-Bones or Strips and Filets

T-Bone/Strips and Filet Thickness

Rump Roast Thickness

Pikes Peak Roast

Rib Steak/Ribeye Thickness

Chuck Steak or Roast Thickness

Shoulder Steak or Roast Thickness

Short Rib


Loin Tip Roast/Cutlets


Boneless Stew

Chili Meat

Flank/Shirt Steak

Soup Bones

Kidneys, Oxtail, Liver, Heart or Tongue


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